Boca Raton Divorce Laws

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Florida Divorce Laws

Every state varies in procedures and requirements when it comes to divorce. The only thing that is common is the mediation of judge to settle the divorce issue. Florida is one of the states that follow in-depth procedures when it comes it settling divorce which is governed by Florida divorce laws entails both the respondent and the petitioner. Divorce laws in Florida strictly cover all the legal meeting and procedures form the time of filing the Petition for Dissolution for Marriage until the final judgment.

What are the requirements?

First, the petitioner should be a resident of Florida for at least six months before the filing date. Though there are many states that require tons of legal requirements, the Florida Divorce Lawyer only requires you few papers. This is because Florida is known as “no-fault divorce”. That means it is not a requirement for the petitioner to prove that the spouse has a ground of misdeeds that led to divorce consideration. Petitioners can get a no fault divorce by claiming of irretrievable breakdown of marriage. Agreement between the two parties is   also not required for filing. Refusal of the other spouse to participate is not a ground for disregarding the petition. However,you will opt for default judgement when the other party fails to agree.   Both spouses should be at least 18 years old and the wife should not be pregnant at the time of filing the petition. They should also file for a written financial disclosure. Before the Florida Divorce Lawyer will proceed to further legal procedures,  consideration for annulment is also carefully studied.

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How long will the divorce proceedings take?

The duration of the divorce procedures is dependent to whether the case is contested or uncontested. The Florida Divorce Lawyer will deal with uncontested divorce if  there is a mutual agreement on all the aspects of marriage such as alimony, sharing of assets and debts, child support issues and child custody. Uncontested cases usually take one month to compete all the processes provided that that all papers are accomplished. The contested divorce happens when one part fails to participate on the settlement of divorce or one is not amendable with the terms of divorce such as the division of assets and child custody. Under the contested divorce, the Florid divorce Lawyer works for you for about four to six months. However Florida courts are always busy attending to many legal cases thus concerned parties anticipate for a year or more.

What is the First Step For Divorce In Florida?

The first step is to file a petition which is legally called as Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. It summarizes  the terms on the aspects of your irretrievable marriage such as child custody, sharing of financial assets and debts, and alimony if necessary.  The papers are submitted by the process server to the other spouse which is termed as “service of process”. Florida Divorce Laws change so make sure you consult an attorney for clarification.

Can disappearance of the spouse affect the case?

Yes. Florida divorce Attorneys will collaborate with the standard procedures in conducting diligent good faith search as required by Law. They have outlined the standard procedures in searching for your spouse. You can submit a letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles to locate the present location of your spouse. You can also ask the family and relatives. Publication to the newspaper is also highly recommended by Florida Divorce law before you are allowed to file for a petition. However, in case one party is missing, the Florida court is not vested with the right to make the division of the property. The proceedings of the terms will continue when the spouse appears.

Is Florida Divorce Attorney required by each party?

It is the preference of each party to hire for a Florida Divorce Attorney. In case of uncontested divorce where both parties agreed to the settlement of the divorce, they are not allowed to opt for only one lawyer. Having the same goal is not an excuse to hiring only one attorney. However the petitioner is not also required to hire for a lawyer. Both parties can make an agreement on the terms of divorce such as the division of property and child custody without the help of Florida Divorce lawyer who is experienced with Florida divorce laws.

What if the petitioner cannot afford to hire a divorce lawyer in Florida?

If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you may approach the Florida Legal aid for free presentation. However if you failed to hire because of low income, you can require for the help of the other party. In case your spouse incurs grater income than you, he can take the responsibility for the payment of the attorney fee after the divorce is settled. You can also hire for an attorney without thinking of the payment by asking the Court to release an order that your spouse will take charge of the payments.

What is the best step? Florida Divorce Laws Can Be Confusing

If you decide to make an agreement with the other party regarding the terms of divorce such as time sharing on the children, division of financial properties and alimony, you can streamline the time and money necessary to settle the divorce. This is undeniably the best procedure that the petitioner can ever take. But risks are always present if one party elects to deceive or withhold from the other.

How does mediation work in Florida?

Most of the divorce cases in Florida are settled through mediation. You can streamline the time and money by hiring for a trained third party that will discuss options with both parties prior to the filing for divorce. Mediators do not have the right to force a divorce settlement.

Florida Divorce Law is designed to end ties between the spouses thus sparing both parties from marital duties and obligations. In the long run, divorce is not always the best way to achieve happiness of both parties, but unfortunately statistics prove that over half the time it is the only option.

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