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Slip and Fall Lawsuit

What Is A Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

Slip and Fall includes those cases that involve injury on another person’s property, either residential or commercial, as a result of slipping, falling, tripping, and or injury sustained as a result of a hazardous condition left unattended or without warning. Premise liability cases, also known as, “slip and falls”, are one of the most difficult cases to fight as the injured, as they are heavily defended and very rarely get resolved without litigation in court. Whether a plaintiff or defendant, slip and fall lawsuits are a serious matter.

K/S Law Has The Slip and Fall Lawsuit Experience You Need

K/S Attorneys at Law have assisted numerous clients in these actions against supermarkets, government properties, stores, malls, schools, department stores, office buildings, and shopping centers. We have the experience, knowledge and dedication to fight for your rights to recover compensation for injuries sustained as a result of a property owner’s failure to warn or remove dangerous conditions. In addition to the above, K/S Attorneys have represented clients for injuries sustained on handicap access ramps where such ramps were poorly or improperly constructed in accordance with ADA building codes.

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