The death of a loved one from a sudden, traumatic loss is the most stressful event that can occur. The attorneys at K/S have been helping surviving family members receive money damages for their terrible and painful loss. K/S litigates most wrongful death cases to ensure that their client receives the best representation possible and can have their day in Court. 

In addition, K/S can assist by handling probate of your loved one, set up guardianship for minor children all along with representing surviving family members’ right to compensation for their loss. We appreciate and understand the loss of a loved one, and the pain that occurs when a loved one is lost as a result of another inaction or action. As a result of our full service law firm, surviving family members only have to retain one firm to perform all legal responsibilities for the loss of your loved one. Although no amount of compensation can replace a loved one, K/S is there to assist you on all legal aspects of the loss to assist in the strain and stress of any action for wrongful death, as well as probate of the will. Please click here for more information about probate services.

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