Violation of Probation is also known as “VoP”. A person is charged with violation of probation by their probationary officer. A violation occurs when an individual whom has been placed on probation as a term/condition of resolving a former criminal case has been charged with a new criminal charge or has violated any term or condition required during the term of probation, i.e. probation officer meetings, failure to meet conditions of probation, or violation of probationary restrictions. When a person is charged with a VoP, they need to appear in Court to defend the VoP as well as the underlying criminal charge, in the event the VoP is as a result of a criminal charge.

In these circumstances, you should retain counsel to defend you against the VoP charge, and any underlying charge that caused the VoP, if applicable. Violating probation can result in maximum sentencing for the charge for which the individual was originally placed on probation if found guilty. The attorneys at K/S have defended countless people in these charges and have been successful in resolving the VoP charge (as well as the underlying criminal charge that resulted in the VoP, where applicable) achieving optimal results, which has included in many cases, no incarceration, and reinstatement into the probationary program the individual violated to provide the client with a “second chance”.

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