With everyone's inevitable passing, most of us leave both personal and real property that we all want to fall into the right hands. Having a Will is only half the battle, probate is required to follow the instructions as per the decedent's will. Handling probate can be done by anyone, however, it is tedious, requires an abundance of filing, and is highly regulated by the laws of the State of Florida. The loss of a loved one is difficult enough to bear, let us help you with your burden of opening the probate on your loved one's will. Hence our slogan, live life; leave the legal stuff to us.

K/S is equipped and experienced in filing probate both testate and intestate [link both words to glossary]. K/S offers several retainer options for filing probate. The attorneys and staff at K/S is experienced in filing probate, opening estates, negotiating liens on behalf of the Personal Representatives, filing to appoint Personal Representative(s), as well as closing estates and incorporating trusts in accordance with the Last Will and Testatment.

In addition, K/S will ensure that any homestead property is exempted, and can assist with the filing of any life insurance claims on behalf of beneficiaries. K/S can also assist in will contestation and probate litigation should any claim be filed against the estate for any lien or contestation of the terms of distributing the assets.


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