Florida has two degrees of misdemeanor violations, first and second degree. First degree misdemeanors levy a fine and jail time up to one year. Second degree misdemeanors levy a fine and jail time up to sixty days. In many situations, an officer will hand a citation for a misdemeanor offense that looks no different than a regular traffic ticket. However, there are many violations that are misdemeanor violations that also have civil statute counterparts. In example, there is a civil infraction for driving while license suspended and a criminal violation for the same. The only difference between the two violations is whether or not the DMV or Court suspended you license.

In regular traffic infractions, your appearance is not required in Court due to the fact that there is a traffic magistrate that hears the case rather than a Judge and State’s Attorney. However, in the event you are charged with a criminal misdemeanor, your appearance is required, and a State’s Attorney is retained to bring the case against you.

Misdemeanor cases can range from operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license to theft or certain possession charges. The bottom line is that the result or verdict of any misdemeanor will be on your record, without opportunity for expungement for ten years. It is important to have experienced attorneys represent your interests in these matters, as the disposition or verdict of these cases may result in jail time and high fines. Having misdemeanors on your record can also affect your ability to gain employment.

K/S has attorneys experienced in all areas of misdemeanor violations, from traffic related misdemeanors to criminal misdemeanors, such as theft and possession. All consultations are free, and retainers are based on a flat fee structure. K/S also offers payment plans for all retainers and offers services in misdemeanor defense in counties ranging from Central Florida through Monroe County covering a majority of the state as far as the density of population.

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