Jaime Klein Shamy, Esquire




Jaime Klein Shamy, Esq. is a partner at the firm. Mrs. Shamy received her B.A. at the University of Maryland in Criminology/Criminal Justice, and minored in Spanish in 1998. Jaime received her Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad Law School in 2001, and joined the firm in 2004, and became partner in 2008.

Mrs. Shamy gained experience as an associate for Saraga and Lipshy performing closing and post closing work for transactions in residential and commercial real estate for the Delray Beach law firm. Mrs. Shamy joined K/S in 2004, founded and headed the real estate division for the firm as an agent for Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund (“The Fund”).

Mrs. Shamy writes title as a licensed title agent of The Fund. Jaime concentrates in the preparation, completion and post-closing for the transaction of residential and commercial real estate.

Mrs. Shamy is a mother and wife who is committed to family and appreciates the importance of family and a place for a family to call home. Mrs. Shamy enjoys spending time with her family as well as playing tennis, and kickboxing training.