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Your South Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Your home is generally your largest asset, which you have worked so hard to acquire and upkeep. There are many laws that have been created to protect your main asset, you home, but when it comes to failing to pay your mortgage, your equity line, Home Owner Association (HOA) fees, or mechanic liens, you place yourself into serious legal exposure that without repairing the delinquency, may ultimately end up in what is called, a Foreclosure. In the course of Foreclosure Proceedings or as part of Pre-Foreclosure negotiations, you have other avenues of potential relief available to you such as, Loan Modification should you want to attempt to resolve the loan and stay in your home, and Short Sale, should you desire to find a buyer and get out of there.

All of these services, Foreclosure Defense, Pre-Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modification and Short Sale along with Deficiency Judgments are available to you with signing one encompassing retainer with K/S, Attorneys at Law offering all civil remedies when it comes to resolving mortgage instruments on your home. These services are all defined and described in this section of the K/S, Attorneys at Law website, along with some invaluable information to assist you with making your decision with resolving any of these types of disputes.

We have been proudly defending homeowners throughout Florida, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

The following sections will provide a description of services and information about the type of action and or remedy for which these legal terms apply. Most importantly, all consultations are free, so if you are not sure, or you want more information, never hesitate to contact our firm by phone, below form, or email as provided below.


With the number of foreclosures on the rise throughout Florida, more people are looking for ways to stay in their homes. The good news for these people is that there are good attorneys out there who can help. A good South Florida foreclosure defense attorney can help you when a lender is breathing down your beck. It is important that you understand your legal options and your practical options to fighting a foreclosure. You might avoid foreclosure by modifying your loan, refinancing, or fighting the process in court. Whatever the case, using a skilled South Florida foreclosure defense attorney at KS-Law will give you the best chance of securing a positive result.

Most Home Foreclosures Can Be Prevented

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What criteria is appropriate for a foreclosure defense case?

When is the right time to get on the phone to a South Florida foreclosure defense attorney? The attorneys at KS-Law can help you throughout the process though not all cases are appropriate. You will typically need an attorney if the bank or its representatives have filed a foreclosure action against you. When that happens, you have less than a month to file a response. Failing to respond will lead to a default judgment, and this will allow the bank to take control of your home. Some might think that only people with a good excuse for falling behind will need an attorney. This is not necessarily true. A South Florida foreclosure defense attorney at KS-Law can help you whether you have a good reason for your mortgage delinquency or not.

Why would one need a foreclosure defense lawyer?

Many homeowners try to defend themselves in a foreclosure action. Though this might work in limited instances, it’s a poor approach for people who are serious about keeping their property. A good South Florida foreclosure defense attorney from KS-Law is necessary for a number of reasons. First, a South Florida foreclosure defense attorney will understand all of the options at your disposal. The attorney can help negotiate with the lender in an effort to secure a loan modification. If it appears that fighting in court is your only option, then a good lawyer will understand how to file an appropriate answer to any lawsuit. Likewise, an experienced South Florida foreclosure defense attorney will put pressure on lenders, forcing them to act reasonably in your case.

What a South Florida foreclosure defense attorney can do in your case?

When a foreclosure action is filed against you, the first step is responding in the right way. This is an important step for homeowners who want to avoid a default judgment. Rather than simply putting in a general denial on your behalf, the skilled attorneys at KS-Law can craft an effective answer that sets the stage for successful litigation. Most banks expect to win the case at summary judgment. A skilled South Florida foreclosure defense attorney will present legitimate factual concerns at that stage of the litigation. Once the summary judgment proceeding passes, the bank and its lawyers will be in for a fight. Rather than continuing with litigation, many banks will be more willing to work with you. If you call the lawyers at KS-Law, you may be able to work out a modification deal that will keep you in your home.

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