Florida has several degrees of felonies, each levying significant fines as well as sentencing guidelines that result in incarceration for a period of over one year to life, and in some cases, the death penalty may be levied. No matter what charge you may have received, you need proper, experienced and more than adequate representation. As it may not be your civil liberties at risk, but your life.

K/S has attorneys that specialize in different areas of felony defense, from possession of cocaine or cannabis, to white collar crimes, to capital crimes. K/S attorneys that represent the public in these matters have had a direct impact on the law over the years by changing precedent, and therefore changing the way that cases are heard and verdicts are decided by Judge or Jury. Please see the Criminal Defense main menu to review some of the cases heard by these attorneys during their careers.

In certain criminal felony charges, it is necessary to be certified just to defend someone in Court. K/S has the staff and attorneys that offer not competent representation, as that is expected, but exceptional representation. K/S further creates retainers that are manageable and can be divided into a payment structure, as defense for certain felony charges may be quite expensive; however, can you put a price on your liberty, let alone your life?

Should you be charged with a felony, or be a family member of someone charged with a felony who the Defendant is unable to contact our firm regarding retention, please contact us immediately, as there are many options and avenues of remedies that may be available to you even before the case gets to the State’s Attorney. It is important to consider that in many cases, felony arrests do not immediately turn to charges by the state, opening opportunities to attempt to resolve the matter before the States brings the official charge against the person arrested.

K/S Attorneys understand and can appreciate financial restraints and therefore offer payment plans. Additionally, the attorney assigned and most suited for the defense of the particular felony defense inquired to our firm will visit the person in prison to discuss his or her case and retention of a lawyer. Our constitution provides for Due Process, which means that everyone has their right to their day in Court.

A felony conviction can affect your ability to receive certain governmental benefits, financial assistance, and ability to obtain a job, vote, or even create your own company. It is crucial that you retain a competent and experienced attorney to defend you when you get your day in Court.

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