An individual’s freedom is the fabric of our government and society and what Courts were created to protect. There are many laws that protect an individual’s right to freedom. Criminal charges may result in incarceration and should therefore be taken seriously. Those individual charged with a crime should advocate their defense in Court by and through legal counsel. Therefore, placing your liberty in the hands of another should be a very selective process, as the attorney you retain is who defends your right to liberty in Court.

K/S has represented thousands of people with successful results ensuring that our client’s freedom is protected. We have numerous attorneys that specialize in different areas of criminal defense from simple misdemeanor charges such as petty theft and driving with a suspended license, to felony charges varying from white collar crimes such as embezzlement, and grand theft, to capital crimes, such as murder, both state and federal. K/S also has attorneys certified to defend capital crimes. Furthermore, our firm has attorneys able to defend individuals throughout south and central Florida. The bottom line is, what is your freedom worth to you? At the least, it is worth the investment for competent and experienced legal counsel with trial experience thus able to advocate for clients at their day in Court. Our attorneys have been represented clients in matters that have actually resulted in the change of laws and interpretations of statutes in Florida.

K/S attorneys are experienced in trial and further continuously keep current with cases heard in court that ultimately change the way statutes for criminal charges are interpreted by Judges in the Courts system. It is important to retain counsel who knows the law, are known in the court room and are willing to push the case to the limit to ensure that your freedom is properly protected.

Here is a list of cases that have been handled by counsel who work for K/S:

Cases handled by attorneys who are members of K/S

State v. O'Malley
Charge: organized scheme and bond fraud
Disposition: acquitted

State v. Spinks
Charge: computer fraud & theft of intellectual property
Disposition: acquittal

State v. Skakandy
Charge: computer fraud & theft
Disposition: acquittal

State v. Facenda
Charge: RICO, timeshare fraud, organized scheme to defraud
Disposition: guilty of lesser simple theft offense

State v. Grijak
Charge: grand theft & fraud
Disposition: negotiated plea to lesser offense with probation

State v. Rodriguez
Charge: embezzlement and grand theft
Disposition: negotiated plea to lesser offense and probation

State v. Goldstein
Charge: real estate fraud, conspiracy & RICO
Disposition: negotiated plea to lesser offense

State v. Velez
Charge: attempted murder in first degree
Disposition: acquittal

State v. Lindor
Charge: trafficking in cocaine
Disposition: acquittal

State v. Wallace
Charge: aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
Disposition: acquittal

State v. Alexander
Charge: 2 counts of attempted murder in the first degree with a firearm
Disposition: Found not guilty by reason of insanityv

State v. Torresv
Charge: first degree murder (state sought death penalty)
Disposition: acquittal

State v. Jones
Charge: first degree murder with firearm
Disposition: acquittal

State v. Vanier
Charge: first degree murder
Disposition: Dismissed

State v. Kerns
Charge: first degree murder
Disposition: no true bill

Case #07-MM-3116 Osceola County
Charge: Possession
Attorney Strategy: Enter appearance on case, have client take drug test to help discredit claim of posession
Result: State dropped all charges.

Case #s 07-TC-6481, 07-TC-6482 Osceola County
Charge: DUI / DUI Refusal 3rd offense
Attorney Strategy: Negotiation
Result: Attorney convinced the State, based on witness problems, that they would be unable to prove the charges. As a result the State DROPPED ALL CHARGES.

Case # 2007MM012951A Seminole County
Charge: DUI Refusal
Attorney Strategy: Negotiation
Result: After reviewing the evidence, Attorney convinced the State Attorney that they would not be able to prove that the Defendant was impaired beyond a reasonable doubt. The case was set for trial and after further negotiation the State agreed to REDUCE THE CHARGE to RECKLESS DRIVING. As a result, there was no further license suspension and the Client will not have a DUI conviction on their record.

Case # 2003-CT-0258648-O Orange County
Charge: Reckless Driving
Attorney Strategy: Negotiation with State Attorney
Result: Criminal charge reduced to civil traffic infraction - Careless Driving. No criminal conviction.

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