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K/S, Attorneys at Law is a boutique law firm with multi-state offices.

K/S Attorneys at Law has over ten attorneys that offer services specific to their particular expertise. We are a full service law firm that can represent your interests with many various legal services. All litigation services include the services of two attorneys. Both senior and junior attorneys are available to address your needs in an economical fashion.  To learn more about our experience and qualifications, please feel free to review the bios of the members of our firm. Some of our services are, but not limited to:  Foreclosure Defense, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Debt Defense, Estate Planning and Family Law. Contact our firm for more information and to schedule a free no obligation consultation.

As one of the top Florida personal injury attorney law firms, our goal is to provide exceptional service while we execute your wishes within the guidelines of the law. With several specialized in-house attorneys, we have a level of expertise not found within most law firms. Each client is unique and our appreciation is illustrated by our results. For a confidential free consultation call us at 561-939-8042 or 954-956-7676

Proudly serving residents of Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach and Delray Beach. For years we have been representing and defending clients throughout the State of Florida.

Foreclosure Defense

For most people, your home is usually your largest asset. You have worked hard to obtain the down payment, maintain your home and provide a warm environment for your family. During tough economic times, many laws have been passed to help people protect their property. Foreclosure defense, or foreclosure relief, offers options of potential relief to help you keep your home or sell your home. A number of new programs are available to help homeowners who are at the risk of foreclosure and struggling to make monthly mortgage payments. Save your home and defend against foreclosure. Preserve your home and speak with a knowledgeable attorney to find out your options before you sign anything! Find out more about foreclosure defense at K/S Law.

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Personal Injury

For over a decade, K/S Attorneys at Law have been providing personal injury law services for Floridians. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to represent you with exceptional results. Our Florida personal injury lawyers provide legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or physiologically, as a result of negligence or wrongdoing by another person, company, government agency or entity. Most personal injury cases settle out of court rather than going to trial. Therefore you need someone on your side who can negotiate the best possible outcome for your situation. You do not know if you have a case until you call. Find out more about personal injury law at K/S Law.

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Criminal Defense

Fortunately we live in our country that has many laws to protect an individuals right to freedom. Criminal charges may result in jail time and should therefore be taken very seriously. Our attorneys have been represented clients in matters that have actually resulted in the change of laws and interpretations of statutes in Florida regarding criminal law. K/S attorneys are experienced in trial and further continuously keep current with cases heard in court that ultimately change the way statutes for criminal charges are interpreted by Judges in the Florida Court system. It is important to retain counsel who knows the law, are known in the court room and are willing to push the case to the limit to ensure that your freedom is properly protected. Find out more about criminal defense at K/S Law.

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Debt Defense

When you fail to pay your mortgage, credit card or monthly payment for products and/or services, it can become a very stressful situation. Being harassed or sued by a financial company or debt collection agency can be intimidating  and will hurt your credit rating for years. In many cases you might be dealing with overly aggressive 3rd party debt collection services who will operate in the best interests of your client and make your life miserable with harassing calls, e-mails and letters.  Whether it is a credit card, foreclosure defense, eviction, small business litigation, big business litigation, promissory note claims, whatever your problem may be, our experienced team of attorneys are ready to assist you with competent advocacy and defense of your interests in Court. Find out more about debt defense at K/S Law.

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Estate Planning

K/S has provided Estate Services to the public for years. May people discount the importance or do not realize the importance of Estate Planning. However, the truth is that in order to protect your assets and your loved one’s interests after you pass, Estate Planning is a must. Death knows no age, sex, or race; it can happen to anyone at any time, are you properly protected?  In modern times, estate planning is critical for for minimizing taxes, maximizing insurance, avoiding probate and utilizing several strategies to protect or dilute an estate for various reasons.  Having an accountant or a certified financial planner is no longer enough, you need the estate planning services of K/S Law to help you interpret the ever changing legal landscape to fine tune your estate objectives. Find out more about estate planning at K/S Law.

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Family Law

Unfortunately, it is a fact that one out of every two marriages will end in divorce. Divorce is one of the most stressful events in someones life, second to only a spouse dying.  Divorce can be scary because the outcome is often unknown. K/S Attorneys at Law have the experience you need to get through the difficult times. Essentially, there are two types of divorce; contested and uncontested. K/S Law has the necessary experience to deal with any type of divorce and will be by your side to assist with the best possible outcome for you and your family. K/S Law is able to assist you in all forms of family law such as prenuptials, child support and more.

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Workers Compensation

If you are hurt and injured on the job, chances are your insurance company and employer will try to deny or minimize your benefit payout. Unfortunately, they will try to prove that your claim developed outside of the employment environment and your injuries are less severe than initially claimed. When this happens, it is important that you obtain an experienced workers compensation attorney immediately.

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